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Your premises are not the final destination of the upgrades. We have made it easy for you to handle the flower and plant pots with the right packaging and trays fitting the trolleys, so you can easily make your products move on. Fast in. Fast out. In fact, Dymak is a pioneer in packing on pallets in containers directly from the suppliers in China. Today, Dymak is the market leader in customized packaging solutions from China. We provide high quality packaging and use dedicated packaging supplierswhen the products must be packed in plastic trays, printed cardboard boxes and other various display solutions. Our Quality Management System pays special attention to the packaging process, and Dymak China has been certified ISO 9001 and SA8000 since 2010. Our products are available in a wide selection of packages, and most often we pack pots in plastic trays which in turn are placed on a standard euro pallet. This packaging provides a cost-effective product handling at the nursery making your products soon on their way to the consumer.
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Besides various packaging deals, we also offer a wide selection of labels, sales displays, irrigation systems, easy-carry solutions and many more. For further details, assortment and pricing please login into our website.
One of the best ways to illustrate how Dymak brings value to flowers and plants is Magnetized™, a concept developed for Offer Madsen, a Danish nursery. It is a magnetic flowerpot which can be placed on a refrigerator or any other magnetic surface. Magnetized™ can be bought with a point of sale display that clearly shows the use of the pot in a private home.


Your products can be attached various kind of labels. Standard labels with printing (bar-code / price information / product description / QR-code etc.) can be attached to your products upon request (hanging tag, attached underneath etc.)



Carton-tray packing opens up a world of possibilities for printing and special designs on your trays. We adjust the size of trays to fit your needs 100%. Combined with various options of printing, colors and designs (on your request) this packing-solution is always a successful choice.
Packing in carton tray


A simple decorative tag makes a world of difference between a standard product and a more exclusive product. We create many kinds of decorative tags, and together with your ideas and needs, we can add extra value to your products.
Decorative tags


Special items often demand a special and unique presentation. Our experience in packaging solutions combined with your ideas help your sales succeed and increase your revenue.


We offer a wide range of standard trays in PET material. Also customized PET-trays are available, giving your products the best possible presentation.

Download Dymak's Packaging brochure