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Press release Aug 2016 - Two leading nursery and retail chain suppliers to merge


Dymak was founded in 1997 by Søren Offer Madsen and Claus Bøgelund, combining a horticultural heritage with sourcing competences from South East Asia. Søren resides in Apopka, Florida and is Dymak’s Commercial Director as well as President of Dymak USA and Claus Bøgelund is the CEO of the Dymak Group.


Our logo and design concept are the visible expression of our strategy. The logo, the corporate colors, the layout, the corporate typeface and the picture style make up the basic elements of our corporate design.
Use of Logo Standards
The Dymak logo files must be used as supplied and should not be manipulated or altered. To be sure you're using the Dymak logo correctly; download Dymak's Logo and Brand Guidelines.
Clear Space & Backgrounds
The Logo should always be surrounded by a generous area of clear space (at least equal to the width and height of the "DM" symbol in the "Dymak" logotype). This protects it from competing visuals such as text and graphics. Do not place the Logo on busy or textured backgrounds in a manner that will distract from, compete with, or obscure it in any way.
Dymak Icon
When appropriate, the “DM” symbol is designed to stand alone as a bold icon and represent the Dymak brand as a whole.

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